Warranty Conditions

Termo Teknik panel radiators are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship.

The products must be installed and used according to accepted plumbing practices such as BS5449, NF047 or other national/local standards. Failure to do so will void the guarantee. Below items must also be followed or else the warranty may be voided:

  1. Termo Teknik panel radiators should be used in closed heating systems. Never use in open circuit (steam, thermal spring, boiled water or tap water).
  2. Do not use radiators in humid environments (swimming pool, sauna bath, green house, etc.).
  3. Avoid dropping, hitting or flexing (bending) the radiator when carrying or transporting it. Damage from transport is not covered under the warranty.
  4. Do not over screw the stoppers, air vents or valves; otherwise the connection thread could be damaged.
  5. Keep the packaging on the radiator even after installing the radiator until all construction or renovation work is finished. The packaging will prevent scratches and damages on the radiator surface or paint.
  6. Please ensure that the connection elements are free of any dirt or burr after the installation. If necessary, flush the system to get rid of particles before testing or using the system.
  7. After the installation, the systems should be tested by expertised personnel. Otherwise, damages may occur in the place of installation.
  8. Maximum working pressure of the radiators is 10 bars.
  9. While filling the radiators for the first time, the heating system controls should be closed and the system should be set to the correct pressure.
  10. Never empty the water in the heating system. Add water when needed. Each time you add or change water to your heating system corrosion occurs and its life time will decrease.
  11. Please take precautions against freezing risk.
  12. Use an anti-corrosion agent in the system if the water is aggressive or acidic.